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(I) can come = impi : y go : ga ni : y

49                  w

(I) can not come = impi: y ago : ga mi; y

6,       Negative Incomplete :  

In negative Incomplete / ka/ is sufixed to the verbs. This

Is added to the verbs of all kinds. This / ka/ is probably

a corrupt borrowing from Telugu. In Telugu / aka/ is

used to convey negative meaning.

Eg. : having not cooked = /kurruka/

having not beaten = /gogo : y ka/

having not laughed = /iudo : ka/


6.2.     / ka/ is joined over / nu: riya/ as an   additional negative


not having laughed = /Iudo: nu: riya:ka/


not having seen       = /zuzu: nurriya: ka/